General Artwork Format Specifications

File Type Required:

  • Adobe Illustrator  (.eps or .ai)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd or .tif), include transparency in file. Sometimes it is necessary to place your logo on a colored background and transparency would eliminate a white box around the logo. (see example)  Sending your logo constitutes the company's permission to let IPC place their logo on a colored background.

Format Required:

  • Rasterized art must be 600 dpi or greater
  • No placed images — manipulation of images must be allowed
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines
  • Outline thickness no less than 1 point
  • Type no less than 8 points

Send all artwork to KimDiCianni@ipc.org

Logo example:
Logo example
Printed Show Directory Specifications IPC APEX EXPO

  • All advertising artwork must be digital.
  • Artwork must be received by IPC by Wednesday November 27, 2019.
  • Accepted files: InDesign (version CC or earlier) or PDF with bleeds files ONLY.
  • InDesign files must be supported by vector art (Illustrator or Freehand files) or high-resolution (300 dpi at 100%) TIF files ONLY. You must send ALL supporting files and fonts.
  • All artwork must be CMYK. Duotones and RGB files must be converted to CMYK.
  • Do not use LZW compression on TIF files.
  • PDF files must contain high-resolution art. Rasterized files must be 300 dpi at 100%. When printing to PDF, be sure that all fonts are included. PDF files do not always translate correctly.
  • Please note: The show directory is 8.0" x 10.875" (trim size). All design elements must fit within this live area.
  • Artwork under 10MB can be emailed to IrinaGelman@ipc.org.  For larger files, please upload them here https://goo.gl/vh95RY.
  • Specific ad size and specs (.pdf)

Advertising Board Specifications

  • Your company’s custom designed message will be placed on a 1 m wide x 2.5 m high meter board in the exhibit hall, delivering your message to purchase-authorizing professionals.
  • The artwork developed for your meter board will be replicated on both sides of the meter board. Different images for each side are not available.
  • Artwork must be developed at 100% of the actual finished size (39" x 84") and must be non-bleed.
  • The bottom 6" of the board will be covered by the frame. It is recommended that you continue your background image into that area, but be sure not to place text or a logo below that point.
  • An email with a link and instructions to upload your artwork will be sent with your confirmation.

Preshow E-mail Banner Ads Specifications

  • Artwork is due 10 business days prior to the e-mail date.
  • All banners are 160 pixels width and 180 pixels depth.
  • Maximum memory size is 60 kb.
  • Accepted file types are .gif and .jpg.
  • You may send an animated .gif file, but the animation will not display in Microsoft Outlook. Only the first panel will be displayed, so be sure all important information appears on the first panel.
  • E-mail file meeting the specifications above to Kim DiCianni.
  • Subject must read: "IPC APEX EXPO E-mail Banner Ad"
  • In the body of the e-mail, include:
      • Your company name
      • The URL of the landing page you want your banner ad to link to

Pen Specifications

  • Black-ink pen in the color requested on form (blue, silver, red, green or black), with silver trim and black rubber grip.
  • Imprint size: 1-1/4" width x 3/8" height
  • Imprint color:  1 color only (silver imprint for all colors, with the exception of the silver pen, imprinted in black)
  • Follow the general format specifications above for file submission.

Show Bag (Exhibitor Provided) Specifications

  • Sponsoring company responsible for design, production, fulfillment and delivery of a minimum of 2,000 bags to the event. Contact Kim DiCianni on-site to coordinate pick-up of bags for distribution.
  • Bag artwork must be pre-approved by IPC prior to fulfillment.  Bags may only list name and brand of contracted sponsoring company. Materials may not be inserted into bags.
  • Location of distribution points to be determined by IPC Show Management.

Lanyard Specifications

  • 3/4" width x 32" length white polyester lanyard, with bulldog clip.
  • Imprint size:  1/2" end-to-end, live copy
  • Imprint color: one color only (printed on both sides of lanyard)
  • Follow the general format specifications above for file submission.

Conference Coffee Break Specifications

  • Exclusive sponsorship of all conference coffee breaks, for specific day secured.
  • Sponsoring company logo (meeting the general format specifications above) on signage including select signage in conference area of event.
  • Promotional materials for sponsoring company available in select locations, near the coffee stations for the conference.
  • Promotional Material Requirements:
    The promotional pieces may only list products and services for the sponsoring company (materials containing third-party advertising are prohibited). Sponsoring company responsible for design, production, fulfillment and delivery of a minimum of 200 pieces of literature to the event. Contact Kim DiCianni on-site to coordinate pick-up of materials.

New Products Corridor Specifications

  • Graphic panel display that allows exhibitors to create a custom-designed message announcing a new product and/or service.
  • Display area is 37” in width (950 mm) x 78” in height (1993 mm).
  • IPC provides a header sign with the company name and booth number.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own poster/graphics compliant with the specifications to the display area.